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Vuoden Huiput  2015 | Grand Prix
Vuoden Huiput 2015 | Liikkuva kuva | Kultahuippu
Voitto 2015 | Yhteiskunnallinen mainonta | Kulta
Grand One 2016 | Paras sosiaalisen median kampanja
Grand One 2016 | Grand Prix

HOK-Elanto Helsinki Area, Elanto Cooperative Society turned 110 years old in 2015.  Since HOK-Elanto is customer owned, an essential part of its culture is corporate responsibility, being active at a local level and acting on behalf of its owners.

HOK-Elanto wanted a narrative created in order to increase their public profile during this celebratory year. Instead of traditional advertising, HOK-Elanto wanted to focus on a concrete undertaking.

Autumn 2015, the conversation of immigration turned into consistent hate talk and racism. None of the big corporations took part in the conversation, however, HOK-Elanto decided to be brave and be the first Finnish company to step in.

Out of SOK’s Acting Marketing Director Lauri Toivonen’s idea, came a story which took form in an Eppu Normaali song.

To produce the video, we got some heavy hitters, such as Eppu Normaali, who has never sold a song for advertising, but wanted to take part in a socially responsible project. The production and arrangement were handled by Jukka Immonen, who has produced the likes of Jenni Vartiainen. Joel Melasniemi played the guitar parts, and it was sung by Ikenna Ikegwuonu. The short film was directed by Aleksi Salmenperä. 

Watch #joulurauhaa video

The short film spread quickly, with viewer numbers growing exponentially in a few weeks. The video was viewed and shared by both advocates and opponents of immigration, as public opinion reflected. The film was receiving praise, while the producers were receiving death threats.

The video was discussed in public forums, for example, Homma-Forum, Jatkoaika.com and Reddit.

Most of the largest domestic media also took part in the conversation. On Yle, the short film, its contents and message were discussed on its radio stations (Yle X, Yle Puhe), and also on Aamu-TV. The Aamu-TV program interviewed the HOK-Elanto’s CEO Matti Niemi, to give his point of view. Helsingin Sanomat also covered the story in its NYT magazine.  Talouselämä, Kauppalehti, Uusi Suomi, and Markkinointi&Mainonta followed their lead.

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”Even though this is ‘just’ an ad, could there be a more current, finer and thought provoking video? Well done, thanks to all involved.”

”So, not enough to rape the children, now the immigrants have raped a legendary song by Eppu Normaali.”

”This is probably the best domestic ad of the year, or perhaps even the decade. It stirs emotions; shamelessly takes a stand. I would have never believed that HOK-Elanto’s marketing would be so above the rest of the S-Group. Hats off, this is pure gold.”

”Thumbs up from this HOK member! Bullseye on the implementation of the music video. It opens up new dimensions of an old song. What a vibe!”

”While watching this commercial, I almost choked on the orange I just started to eat. Jesus, the rot keeps spreading like blood poisoning.”