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Isover and Ivalo

Ivalo had the honour of being involved in creating a brand story and marketing communication for the ISOVER insulation brand. The project began with laying a proper foundation for all communication. What we created was the core promise of finding warmth underneath the surfaceIn the end, that is all that matters: what lies beneath the surface. This idea was worked into a brand video – that simultaneously functioned as a tribute to all construction professionals. They also have to face superficial criticism. Most cannot see what is underneath the toughened surface – what truly matters.

Brand video

Tongue-in-cheek product drama

Some constructors associate glass wool with unfavourable properties, such as itchiness and dustiness. Even though these are, for the most part, the fault of old glass wool products, it’s hard to shake this reputation. The new ISOVER PREMIUM 33 was to be the product to restore honour to glass wool.

Since we had a great product to work with, we decided to make its features the focal point – the stars of the advertising. We turned the bad reputation into an advantage and used it to fuel product drama.

Together with the customer and Nørr3, we found the means to deliver the message to the intended target group.