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IVALO Creative is a strategic all-in-one partner to St1. We work using our refined, shared process with the client and Nörr3.

The first steps included the creation of a parent story and refining the brand promise. They were used to define the core of the entire St1 brand. St1 was positioned as an energy company rather than a petrol company. ‘Makers of clean energy’ came to represent the new brand promise. This is a promise to make cleaner energy and an invitation for others to take action in producing clean energy. The brand campaign was followed by a more strategic set of actions. The brand promise laid the way and made sure that the various campaign elements were building towards a single unified brand. Creative and data-assisted media design ensured that the campaign messages reached the right target audiences.

the brand

Setup of new performance-
based channels

Defining goals
and follow-up

and consumer
side always on

Mapping the B2B
side customer journey

Building a way
of working

Development of

Action plan based on
B2B side business goals


Development of