Reissumies Bread That Empowers the Independent Spirit

IVALO Creative Agency is the strategic creative partner of Fazer Bakeries. Our major involvement is in the creative marketing for products under the Oululainen brand (Jälkiuuni, Reissumies, Pullava). Our cooperation with Fazer is data driven. In an extensive brand portfolio, each brand and product have their own precise segments and attributes in order to seamlessly overlap on the market and in the mind of the consumer. Fazer keeps track of public perception, sales, trends in consumption and changes in competitors. The cooperation between the client, the media office and Ivalo is seamless.

Reissumies is a great example of our cooperation. In 2021, its brand strategy was re-created with Ivalo at the helm. As the product itself is a generic rye bread, the Reissumies brand character was identified as its competitive edge. Its purpose was to defend the weak and to empower all independent spirits. The marketing goal was to initiate meaningful discussion and to utilize earned media.

The first outreach with the new position came in autumn 2021 when the iconic Reissumies character made way to more inclusive personalities: a trans man, an immigrant and a recovering addict.

This resulted in 9 % growth in sales, 750,000 € worth of earned media and an over 20,000 € donation to youth and inclusivity work. The campaign continues in 2022, building on the theme of meaningfulness for independent spirits.