Purpose Driven Results

Autamme yrityksiä rakentamaan ainutlaatuista asiakaskokemusta merkityksellisyyden avulla.

Strong partner capable of working comprehensively in diverse business sectors of St1 in BtoC and BtoB fields. Ivalo is honest, professional and open-minded.

Mikko Reinekari , St1

Easy and smooth cooperation, without forgetting the desired end result that represents the brand.

Sini Lilja , Fazer

Ivalo has been our strategic marketing partner for years. Ivalo understands our cooperative business model and its opportunities and challenges. From the head office, we serve local offices located in different parts of Finland, where the actual wood trade and forest service sales take place. Ivalo knows how to be creative with the industry and the head office and serve the needs of both.

Juha Jumppanen , Metsä Group

Strong creativeness, knows how to wake emotions.

Kristina Saaristo , Posti

Ivalo has the ability to see the bigger picture and it understands the market. They are willing to challenge and guide us on our way to improving our performance. From our point of view, it is magnificent that because of their expertise we can do everything from strategy to production with only one partner. And thanks to very efficient project management we have been able to accomplish a lot within a short time.

Katariina Nyqvist , Fiskars Group

Ivalo’s brand expertise and result orientation is top class. Together with Ivalo, in a challenging industry situation, we have consistently managed to set sales records!

Jonna Hiltunen , Beely


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