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Strong partner capable of working comprehensively in diverse business sectors of St1 in BtoC and BtoB fields. Ivalo is honest, professional and open-minded.

Mikko Reinekari , St1

Impressive work, nice people and effective production. Effortless to work with and good creative vision.

Tuuva Harjanne , Storytel

Ivalo is truly there for the customer. They are very much a goal oriented agency which seeks to achieve the customer’s goals and beyond in the best and the most innovative way. The results truly speaks for themselves and their customer service is amazing!

Mari Kuitunen , Henkel Finland

Strong creativeness, knows how to wake emotions.

Kristina Saaristo , Posti

Ivalo has the ability to see the bigger picture and it understands the market. They are willing to challenge and guide us on our way to improving our performance. From our point of view, it is magnificent that because of their expertise we can do everything from strategy to production with only one partner. And thanks to very efficient project management we have been able to accomplish a lot within a short time.

Katariina Nyqvist , Fiskars Group

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Markkinointiuutiset 6.7.2022

Ivalo Creative voitti Arabian muumibrändin kilpailutuksen

Ivalo Creative Agency on voittanut Fiskars Groupiin kuuluvan Arabian kilpailutuksen, jossa etsittiin yhtiön muumibrändille – Moomin by Arabialle – uutta …

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