Netvisor Don’t Settle for Good Enough

Financial management is rapidly going digital and competition for accounting and business clients is fierce. Netvisor has the second largest market share in Finland, but the goal is to become the most used financial management software. First-class software development is becoming a minimum requirement in the market and product features make it difficult to stand out.

We realized that to increase market share in this environment requires an uncompromising attitude. We summarized this finding in the form of a brand story to guide all activities. The brand was defined as one of the key competitive advantages. We wanted to make Netvisor appealing for the people in the line of financial management and interesting for everyone else.

“Don’t settle for good – Älä tyydy hyvään” is a marketing communications concept based on the brand story and world created jointly by Ivalo and Netvisor. At its core is the idea that every successful entrepreneur and company has a small spark of dissatisfaction within them. It makes you look for ways to always do things a little bit better. If you settle for being good, you can’t become the best.