Uniqu Glowing Well-being

We were tasked with building a completely new nutritional supplement brand together with Orion, from the brand's visual identity to the marketing communication concept and the launch of the new product.

Uniqu® product line developed by Orion helps promote health and well-being proactively, allowing individuals to thrive in every stage of life. Because the changes take place over time, different needs and ways to maintain well-being also change - that's why versatility is also needed from a supplement series.

Our goal was to establish a place in the minds of the target group as a comprehensive support pillar and promoter of well-being, considering each person’s individuality and unique life stage. In addition, the new brand wants to promote joy, strength and pride in living a life on your own terms. The focal point of the marketing communication concept and the launch of the new brand is simple: Uniqu exists to support well-being through various stages of life and to support what is essential.

The starting point for design thinking was to create an identity that stands out from the crowd and at the same time appeals to Finnish consumers’ taste. Traditionally nutritional supplements designs in the Nordics look very clinical, and light colour tones are the often the preferred choice. Inspired by international references and global trends, we ended up with a visual language that exudes both joy, courage, and modernity.

In the design process, we took into account the prevailing design trends, but intentionally wanted to deviate from them. Each product has been carefully thought out as its own individual solution and as a part of a larger product family. Stylish design contributes to the brand’s goal of empowering. It encourages to showcase the products and not hide them away from sight.

The logo is inspired by Nordic simplicity and a positive attitude towards life. The letter “i”, which resembles a capsule, playfully refers to the pharmaceutical industry, in which Orion operates.