OP Group It’s never too early to start saving – Säästämällä #enemmä

According to several international and domestic studies, the severe indebtedness of young people is on the rise. Financial difficulties cause problems that often compound at the individual level, this can mean social exclusion, and at the societal level, enormous costs.

OP Group is Finland's largest financial group, whose core mission is to promote the sustainable economic success, security, and well-being of its owner-customers and operational environment. The prerequisite for a successful Finland is also the interest of future generations in the economy.

In accordance with its responsibility program, OP Group teaches children and young people how to manage their personal finances and financial skills, so that everyone has equal opportunities for a good future – financial skills are for everyone. We also want to encourage young people to save more, as it’s never too early to start saving.

However, we realized that traditional communication from a financial group does not reach young people in the desired way in the channels where they spend their time, nor with a message that resonates with them.

We need to talk to young people about consumer culture and saving in their own language, in a way that speaks to them, and in the channels where they are best reached. How can we create genuinely interesting content about saving and financial skills for young people that doesn’t feel like forced education?

In the fall of 2023, OP Group formed the first OP Youth Group to address this question. The group of twelve 15-19-year-olds from all over Finland is considering what kind of information young people actually need regarding money and finance and how the topic can be discussed in a way that is genuinely interesting.

In collaboration with the youth group, the idea of an artist collaboration related to saving and financial skills was born.

We invited jambo, one of Finland’s fastest-growing artists who resonates with the target audience and is very active and followed on social media, to write a song with us. In this song, he reflects on themes related to his own money management and consumption. The campaign’s core idea is that by saving, you can achieve more later, and it’s never too early to start saving.

ocabulary and why it would be good to learn to save instead of overspending. The financially interested artist has previously acted as an influencer for OP in content aimed at young people and has made a song called “Nuori eläke” (“Young Pension”).

ENEMMÄ has been released on streaming services as Jambo’s official single release (EP) in three different versions. These versions illustrate the compound interest phenomenon essential to saving by gradually expanding the song from acapella to its full length. The song debuted directly at number 22 on Finland’s Top 50 list, which is quite exceptional for a commercial collaboration.

We also filmed a music video for the song, from which we derived advertising materials for social media channels. We activate and engage the young target group in social media with various TikTok challenges and competitions related to financial skills and consumption initiated by Jambo. The campaign is running throughout the summer of 2024.