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The responsible rebel

Finlayson is a small contender from Finland, standing tall among the global giants of fast fashion. For Finlayson, it’s all about building a vital, engaging brand and being competitive through responsible conduct.

Finlayson is well aware that it operates in one of the most irresponsible industries in the world. Back in the day, John Lennon and Yoko Ono famously protested against the Vietnam war in bed with their ‘Bed-ins for Peace’ campaign. Today, the textile industry with its irresponsible ways kills more people than all wars combined.

Finlayson’s Bed Peace was born as a reaction. This is Finlayson’s major theme for the year, incorporating brand building, collection launches, and strategic advertising. The goal is to build and convey an image of responsibility, drive sales of all Finlayson products, and challenge Finns to reconsider their own behaviour as consumers.

The ‘Bed Peace’ spring launched with a big week-long bed protest, attended by a large number of influencers and people from Finlayson. The bed protest took place in Stockmann’s shop window and was broadcast globally through Instagram and Facebook Live.

A Bed Peace declaration was published on the front page of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper with an image photographed by Nana Simelius and directed, from a remote location due to coronavirus restrictions, by the Dutch photographer Govert De Roos – the very man who took the iconic photo of Lennon and Ono’s bed-in 51 years ago.

The campaign had major presence in the media: on TV, in social media, at the stores, and in Finlayson’s own channels. More product and collection launches are planned for later this year under the same Bed Peace theme.


The launch day influencer event was attended by Elisa Taskula, Sara Vanninen, Johanna Rontu, Meri Milash, Maiju, and Pia Voutilainen. Over the course of the week, social media influencers Tiina Arponen, Outi Les Pyy, Carita Alfthan, Mona Visuri, Eino Nurmisto, Veera Jussila, and Ami Värt hopped on the bed, along with a group of Finlayson representatives and Finnish social media influencers and thought leaders, including politician Ozan Yanar, journalist Noora Shingler, Professor Minna Halme, Makia’s founder Joni Malmi, artist Jani Leinonen, and journalist Jani Niipola.

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